Umi.Digital Just Got Upgraded 🌊

3 min readFeb 24, 2023

The Flagship NFT project building on Sora has had a facelift!
Visit for updated roadmaps / timelines / graphics / artwork and an overall improved user experience for their ever growing community

Umi Digital, the NFT project building on SORA, has recently launched their brand new website, thus sticking to their goal to “building back stronger” in 2023. Umi Digital is the innovative blockchain platform focusing on providing alternative utility to NFTs exclusively on the Sora network. The platform displays some of Umi Digital’s incredible NFTs which launched back in 2021/2022 on Ethereum. Upon landing on the site users are immediately invited to navigated to the organisation’s Rarible page to inspect their full collection of art pieces.

The new Umi Digital website is state-of-the-art, offering more features than their previous website while still looking professional and user friendly. Users can navigate to various services that they’re interested in, such as their staking app, DEXs (Polkaswap), UMI token information, as well as a fully stocked FAQ section. Navigation is easy; with categories that can be quickly located via the sticky header and links within the footer. The FAQ section acts as a helpful tutorial on how to get started with Umi Digital (how to add UMI token, where to buy etc.) with information about their ambitious plans for 2023 & 2024 found via their Roadmap just above.

Some of their incredible art pieces produced in association with Japan based artist Late2wenty

The main feature of the site is the art. It speaks for itself.

“Umi is and will always be, about the art. We give a platform for real world artists to launch in the digital space”

Scott Tanaka, Director.

Robust FAQ section

It’s clear that the team at Umi digital have put a lot of effort into launching this website with all of its features thoughtfully designed to provide an aesthetically pleasing environment where users feel worthwhile engaging in each navigation from section to section. The team behind Umi digital is committed to ensuring that their website achieves its intended goal of educating the blockchain community on their project, in an efficient manner.

Team section

The team section features the 5 made developers at Umi Digital as well as some familiar faces from within the SORA ecosystem as advisors.

Users can navigate to Polkaswap to purchase UMI

In conclusion, we highly recommend checking out Umi Digital’s new website if you haven’t done so already! With all of its cutting edge features combined into one neat package it makes sense why so many users are expressing an interest in following the teams progress as they embark on their ambitious plans for the months ahead. We wish them all the best in their ventures.

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