All Holders of Genesis Editions NFTs during snaphot will receive $UMI

Sora Genesis Edition NFT Art pieces

To celebrate the mainnet launch of Sora and to mark this milestone in blockchain development, we are minting rare limited edition hand drawn NFT art pieces. The art pieces will lionize the team members of Soramitsu in thanks for their contribution to Sora Network and Polkadot Ecosystems.

Please only buy NFTs purely based on your appreciation for the art! $UMI airdrop is gift to reward early adopters and supporters of Umi Digital.

$UMI Airdrop for Sora Genesis Edition NFT Art Holders

Umi.digital is rewarding early adopters that purchased Sora Genesis Edition NFT Art pieces. All holders of Sora Genesis (Vintage + Neo Editions) NFTs from this rare, limited edition art collection at the time of the Snapshot, will receive $UMI to the amount specifically noted within each individual art piece.

A snapshot will be taken at Midnight on May 31st, Japan Standard Time (JST). (Technically 00:00 June 1st, JST).

Wallets holding the Sora Genesis Edition NFTs at the time of this Snapshot will receive said $UMI token airdrop within 7days of the snapshot date. Please be aware of the Snapshot time if your NFT is currently On Sale. Announcement regarding the successful snapshot will made via twitter.

Questions about $UMI?

$UMI is the token for Umi.Digital. $UMI tokens will be airdropped to the holders of Sora Genesis Edition NFT Artpieces. Still have questions? Talk to us on Telegram.

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