The Chimps Are Swinging In, HOT!

  • Turbo-Charged APY% Perks + $UMI Airdrop, Highly Collectable, Super Rare, Game-Changing, NFTs with Art Collectability & Utility — — — — — by Umi Digital

Back in 2017 a certain Crypto Punks were created. A variety of 10,000 characters made using CAD. In recent months Punks broke into the Crypto news arena with some, as we well know, having been auctioned for several million USDollars. They have soon became a favourite of collectors.

But apart from their evident Art and collectable value, what do they offer?

Umi Digital is constantly creating bold and exciting new NFTs with physical artists to compliment their ever growing brand, DeFi Dapp and NFT Marketplace.

This NFT drop is very special, if not the most special since brand creation.

But, Why?

Who’s this Purple Chimp?

This is Umi Digital’s first dabble in the digital art scene. We can sense the excitement amongst the community near and wide.

Our Chimps do things that other Chimps can’t do!

Each Chimp possess over 100% APY boosting power within Umi Digital’s DeFi Dapp which is currently in Testnet stage and is due to be fully released at the end of September.

More info on our Dapp including instructions on how to play with the Testnet can be read here:


To put this into perspective. If users were to lock 10 million UMI LP tokens+ 4 x Chimps their total %APY would be a super turbo-charged 433%!

The rewards would be even bigger as interest is compounded automatically and by the second within the dapp to give users maximum returns.

This is forgetting the obvious collectability factor of these stunning pieces…incredible, we say.

Guinness Chimp

Thats right!

To put it simply, each highly collectable Chimp NFT will include a gift of a number of UMI Millions via Airdrop to the first purchaser of the NFT! This will allow the owner to stake their UMI within our Dapp alongside the Chimp NFT seamlessly and start straight away receiving Turbo-Charged $UMI returns!

So dope!

Look at that Chimp!

With only 20 of each Chimp being minted, these are in limited supply. It is expected that the Umi Digital Chimps will (with the targeted and huge promotion campaign planned to kick off in just over a week) be the catalyst and driving force behind the adoption of Umi Digital as one of the most organic and creative NFT and DeFi Farming organisations within the cryptoverse.

We were so blessed to discover yet another highly skilled Japanese artist, this time in the digital format!

Bitty Chimp

Similar to Umi Digital our unidentified Japanese artist was born in Japan.

After discussions and seeing previous work with the artist we knew he had what it took to create what we needed.

We are uber hyped to have him onboard.

Without breaking the full surprise (saved for launch day) we would like to remind the Umi Digital Community of the mega perks to holding a collection of all 20 pieces. Collecting all 20 will…..


Release Schedule:

The plan is for Umi Digital to release all said Chimp NFTs at the same time, here…….yet another fair launch from Umi Digital. Please follow our social media links posted below for the most up-to-date information on release dates.

For more information feel free to contact the Devs by one of the many forms of communication listed below. Alternatively email:

Website / D’app Website / Telegram / Twitter / GitHub / Medium

What is this Chimp doing?!



The NFT & DeFi farming initiative built on the Sora (XOR), Polkadot (DOT) and Ethereum (ETH) blockchains

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The NFT & DeFi farming initiative built on the Sora (XOR), Polkadot (DOT) and Ethereum (ETH) blockchains