Polkaswap DEX Liquidity Guide

Learn how to add Liquidity to trading pairs on Polkaswap and start earning passive income paid in PSWAP rewards

Step 1: Connect to Polkaswap.io

Step 2: Add Liquidity to Pool

If you have any liquidity pool active, you will see them in this page.
In this example we are going to add liquidity to UMI/XOR so we will pick UMI as the second token (i.e. token B)
An estimated of your future pool position will be displayed. In this example we will be supplying liquidity for 1.3379008% of the total pool amount

Step 3: Claiming Rewards



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The NFT & DeFi farming initiative built on the Sora (XOR), Polkadot (DOT) and Ethereum (ETH) blockchains