A, B, C, D-eFi Farming with NFTs!

Ethereum App is live on Rinkeby Test Network. Sora is Coming Next!

- Where to find the platform
- Which Testnet tokens to acquire & how to get them
- How to navigate the platform (without telling you too much — we want you to enjoy exploring, it is Testnet after all!)
- Show you the possible crazy APY % returns you will be getting
- The Tech-y Stuff

Liquidity Farm Landing Page — Stake / Unstake / Claim!

Where Do I Find The Platform?

The importance of Umi Digital’s DeFi Farming Platform in regards to the success of Umi Token & Umi Digital as a whole, cannot be underestimated. Therefore we found it necessarily to give our Dapp its very own website.


Straight away your eyes will be caught by the funky but slick, Umi Digital colour scheme. Some call it Night Mode. We tend to simply call it faded Orange, Purple & Teal. Either way we love it, and hope you do too.

Which Testnet Tokens & Where From?

To be able to ‘play’ our Testnet it is essential for you to hold Testnet Tokens. More specifically Rinkeby Test Network tokens.

It looks cool, but how do I navigate this?!

By this stage you should have a balance of Rinkeby Test Network tokens within you Metamask Wallet.

  • Visit umi.finance
  • Select Eth App
  • Ensure you Metamask is on Rinkeby Test Network and connected by clicking Connect Wallet at the top right hand side of the page and…you should be connected!
NFT Farming Page showing all the current Farming NFTs. Stake NFTs to boost your farming yield.
Clicking the arrow will open up your option to Stake that NFT.

So Now I Know How To Use The Dapp, What Can I Get Back?

It should be clear to see the % APY rewards that are possible next to each NFT on umi.finance. However to make things easier we have also put these into a table as seen below.

Tech, Tech & More Tech

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Equally our DeFi App wasn’t created without some very tech savvy coders who fortunately for us, have been a fundamental part of Umi Digital from the very beginning.



The NFT & DeFi farming initiative built on the Sora (XOR), Polkadot (DOT) and Ethereum (ETH) blockchains

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The NFT & DeFi farming initiative built on the Sora (XOR), Polkadot (DOT) and Ethereum (ETH) blockchains