A, B, C, D-eFi Farming with NFTs!

Ethereum App is live on Rinkeby Test Network. Sora is Coming Next!

6 min readAug 26, 2021

What a journey it has been for Umi Digital. From drafting tentative ideas over a year ago to launching our Token this week, to being approached by large exchanges wanting to list Umi Token — it has been an incredible ride…and it is about to get even better.

Now we have reached the momentous occasion of introducing our very own DeFi App.

As with anything the Umi Digital team puts its mind to, we had to ensure our Staking Dapp, was different from the rest.

Having the ability to stake your favourite Umi Digital NFTs is our niche.

We are yet to find another crypto organisation which offers such a cool and funky approach to staking.

Through this guide we hope to give you a walk through on:

- Where to find the platform
- Which Testnet tokens to acquire & how to get them
- How to navigate the platform (without telling you too much — we want you to enjoy exploring, it is Testnet after all!)
- Show you the possible crazy APY % returns you will be getting
- The Tech-y Stuff

Liquidity Farm Landing Page — Stake / Unstake / Claim!

Where Do I Find The Platform?

The importance of Umi Digital’s DeFi Farming Platform in regards to the success of Umi Token & Umi Digital as a whole, cannot be underestimated. Therefore we found it necessarily to give our Dapp its very own website.

To access our Farming app please visit:


Straight away your eyes will be caught by the funky but slick, Umi Digital colour scheme. Some call it Night Mode. We tend to simply call it faded Orange, Purple & Teal. Either way we love it, and hope you do too.

Which Testnet Tokens & Where From?

To be able to ‘play’ our Testnet it is essential for you to hold Testnet Tokens. More specifically Rinkeby Test Network tokens.

For a guide on how to get your hands on (for free) some of these tokens, please click this link: https://www.rinkeby.io/#faucet

To receive the Testnet tokens you must have a Metamask wallet synced up with your browser. We recommend Metamask for Chrome extension.

Please ensure your select Rinkeby Test Network from the dropdown menu at the top of your Metamask wallet.

Back on https://www.rinkeby.io/#faucet you are instructed to make a post on a Social Media platform (Facebook or Twitter) containing your address (found at the top of your Metamask)

Once you have done so you need to copy and paste the URL from the Tweet or FB Post into the box provided. We suggest you select 18.75 Ethers / 3 days to make the most out of it.

NOTE:Please do not worry, this process involves no loss of funds from your side. This is the great thing about a Testnet!

Very soon after you should see your balance of 18.75 Eth within the Rinkeby Test Network section of your Metamask wallet.

You are all set to Testnet now! So where to start..

It looks cool, but how do I navigate this?!

By this stage you should have a balance of Rinkeby Test Network tokens within you Metamask Wallet.

  • Visit umi.finance
  • Select Eth App
  • Ensure you Metamask is on Rinkeby Test Network and connected by clicking Connect Wallet at the top right hand side of the page and…you should be connected!

Now the fun begins…

NFT Farming Page showing all the current Farming NFTs. Stake NFTs to boost your farming yield.

Firstly we encourage users to click, explore, press buttons, scroll down menus, check out the dope NFTs which you can stake. Remember do not worry, whatever is clicked - it is via the Rinkeby Test Network with testnet Ethereum, so you will not be charged any real Ethereum as Gas fees; none at all.

Once you have done the above we expect you’d like to get staking!

Firstly. Collecting your tokens….

Go ahead to the Claim test tokens tab at the top of the page. From here we encourage you to claim the maximum available Umi testnet tokens , LP testnet tokens and claiming any or all of the NFTs you so wish!

Each individual address can claim any asset once every 24 hours!

Once you have claimed as many testnet tokens as you wish, it is time to stake them! To do so head back to the NFT farm or Liquidity farm tabs.

Clicking the arrow will open up your option to Stake that NFT.

Clicking the arrow opens up the menu with details about each farming pool or NFT. If you have claimed NFTs you are now able to stake them! Remember you can stake just one or a multiple of NFTs — the choice is yours. Go Wild!

Over on the Liquidity farm tab, it’s a similar layout.

Highlighted in Marker above (in this case 203%) you can see the total Yield generate for that asset, maximised by staking whichever NFTs you have chosen to stake in the NFT farm.

To claim tokens, you can click the red claim button for each pool, or click claim in the total rewards section to claim from all pools at once.

This is a basic run through on how to navigate. Please don’t forget the idea is for you to play the game, so you are ready and know how to stake real Umi Digital NFTs once we go live very soon.

This is the Umi Digital Testnet :: ENJOY!

Please feel free to reach out to the Devs in our Telegram group https://t.me/umidigital if you are unsure of anything.

So Now I Know How To Use The Dapp, What Can I Get Back?

It should be clear to see the % APY rewards that are possible next to each NFT on umi.finance. However to make things easier we have also put these into a table as seen below.

Please Note: This is not the final list of Turbo Charging NFTs! More will be added & announced to the community whilst the Testnet is underway.

Watch this space!

Tech, Tech & More Tech

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Equally our DeFi App wasn’t created without some very tech savvy coders who fortunately for us, have been a fundamental part of Umi Digital from the very beginning.

Each testnet token (whether it be UMI ERC20, LP tokens or NFTs) can only be claimed once every 24 hours!

In the first 24 hours, after staking your assets, rewards of are shown immediately but are accumulating in the background. Please stake your tokens and come back to see the rewards grow!

Add Umi testnet token to Metamask:
Token Contract Address: 0x07D990D2DdBf43b224A4D2821C3446886EbB387D
Decimals: 18

Add LP Uniswap test token to Metamask:
Token Contract Address: 0x316DDBF79E5a611f7F7A67A8cc2170905ce59B4A
Decimals: 18

Claim fake eth: https://faucet.rinkeby.io/
Post social media post with wallet address and add URL of the post into the input of the site




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